Carpet Tile Exporters in Delhi

Carpet tiles excellently cover your floor without significant cost. Give your floor a complete makeover with Carpet Tile Exporters in Delhi. Universal Floorings is a reputed dealer and supplier of carpet tiles. Refurbishing and modernising your floor can be very expensive. However, carpet tiles allow you to get a new floor without the cost of reconstruction. These are slabs of carpet to cover any size of floor and any tricky shape of the floor. Versatile textures and shades are available to make the floors look trendy and elegant.

Our carpet tiles are sturdy material capable to withstand extremely high footfalls. The tiles are suitable for commercial as well as residential applications. We are supplying high-quality carpet tiles made of solid polypropylene material. The high-quality material delivers consistence performance and capacity for a long time. We have been supplying carpet tiles to homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, and educational institutes. The tiles carry elegant designs and appealing colour combinations.

What Are Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares mostly used to give modern look to the floors. Also known as modular carpet, they are a good alternative to refurbishment. Carpet tiling is an affordable way to add stylish flooring to the worn-out and dull floors. They are often used in commercial setups like schools, airports, as well as residential spaces.

While selecting carpet tiles, Universal Floorings helps in choosing the right. We understand the overall look of the finished carpet tile floor beyond the styles and colours. There are no issues like curling and shrinking with our high-quality tiles. Seamless stability prevents tripping and falling. We suggest the best suitable thickness and dimensions give a well-finished look to the floors.

Key Features and Benefits of Carpet Tile

Universal Floorings specializes in the supply of an extensive range of flooring solutions. Our products are widely recognized for excellent resistance and durability. With carpet tiles in your homes, you will get maximum benefits beyond modernized looks.

• Available in various dimensions
• Scratch-resistant
• Simple to clean and maintain
• Affordability
• High durability
• Moisture resistant quality
• Versatile collections

We offer carpet tiles in a variety of patterns, thicknesses, and colours. We have numerous collections in single tone as well as colour combinations.

Being in the flooring industry for many long years, we understand the trends in the interior decorations. Universal Floorings specializes in fulfilling the needs of modern flooring solutions for residential and commercial applications. Call us to explore the full range of Carpet Tile Exporters in Delhi to add an elegant look to your interiors.

Universal Floorings also offers a variety of sports floorings, rubber gym floorings, and EVA kids floorings. We understand our customers‛ requirements and supply floorings and carpet tiles. We have flooring solutions for spaces of all sizes and shapes. No matter how tricky is the shape of the floor; we can supply the right solution. The installation of the floorings is a simple process to be fulfilled with minimum staff. Call us if you are looking to modernise your floors and walls without a huge cost. We have countless options to give a complete makeover to your interiors.

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