Ecosoft Carpet Tiles Delhi

Universal Floorings is engaged in the supply of best quality Modular Tiles in Delhi. Our product range covers a variety of carpet tiles in different styles and shades. When it comes to giving a makeover to your dull and worn out floorings, carpet tiles are the best product. We supply a full range of ecosoft carpet tiles Delhi for commercial and residential use. The tiles give a stunning look to the place and also add abundant benefits for the place and the users.

We are supplying ecosoft carpet tiles to commercial places like beauty salons, retail stores, banks, billing centres, and showrooms. We understand the needs of every commercial place and supply the best suitable product. Being a highly durable and resistant product, carpet tiles are great for commercial place. They require very less maintenance and can be cleaned easily. They do not attract dust and can be wiped easily in the case of spills.

Best Ecosoft Carpet Floorings Delhi

When you have a commercial place, it is important to make it attractive. Residences can also update their living rooms by installing modern carpet floorings. The tiles are suitable to endure heavy traffic without getting damaged and dull. The colours of the tiles remain intact even after the use of many years. The users can also select the colours and level of lustre as per their needs.

Benefits of Ecosoft carpet tiles-

1. Competitive pricing
2. Unlimited designs
3. Low maintenance
4. Durable and sturdy
5. Customized for small spaces
6. Simple to install
7. Easy to clean and maintain

Apart from adding beauty, the tiles are also a perfect way to protect the floor. If the place is exposed to heavy traffic of commercial goods and spills, you can protect the surface with these tiles. Universal Floorings is committed to supplying high-grade durable floorings to upgrade your floors. The ties can also be removed without any hassles whenever required. You need not spend huge for installation and removal of these tiles.

Types of Ecosoft Carpet Tiles

The ecosoft carpet tiles are mostly available in two different types. Customers can choose either ecosoft dye broadloom or ecosoft dyed carpet flooring. The tile adds a completely new dimension to the designing flexibility of the modular floorings. A small team can easily install the tiles in a short time without any mess.

Universal Floorings works in association with some of the best carpet manufacturers of India. We are able to supply customized sizes as well as large volume for the bigger layouts. With many years of experience in the flooring industry, we know what suits the place and the needs of the customers. We also have in-depth knowledge of installation techniques and different types of floorings.

Call us to get high-quality carpet tiles to bring new life to your interiors. Our Ecosoft Carpet Tiles Delhi is one of the most innovative products available. We not only supply the best floorings but also offers excellent customer and sales service. Our services and quality products have helped us to earn a reputation as one of the best suppliers of modern floorings in Delhi.

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