Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Delhi

Universal Flooring offers unique epoxy floorings. Epoxy floorings are designed for industrial areas like production lines, warehouses, shopping arcades, and bays. These are cost-effective floorings to create pleasant looks in the industrial areas as well. We proudly lead the Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Delhi with our high-quality floors. Excellent chemical resistance and anti-bacterial properties of this flooring make them popular. Being an anti-fungal material, they are great for crucial areas like hospitals, production areas, and warehouses.

Epoxy floors are various types of resin floorings known for excellent adhesive qualities. The floors are available in countless colours. Epoxy coatings are popular for industrial and commercial floors. They provide smooth and durable floor surface capable to endure heavy loads. If you are looking for epoxy floors, Universal Floorings is the right place in Delhi. Clients get to explore a wide range of colours in the range of epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Floorings Suppliers Delhi

Universal Floorings supplies epoxy coated floorings to diverse industries. The floorings are non-slip solutions with exceptional strength. The floors are most suitable for industries due to its capability to handle heavy workflow. Our in-depth industrial expertise and experience enable us to supply the right epoxy floorings for quick delivery.

Industries prefer floors that are highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, and heat. They also require heavy duty and easy to clean floors. Epoxy offers all these benefits to the industries. Universal Floorings also supplies a broad range of gym floorings, sports floorings, and PVC vinyl floorings. We have top quality options for residences, shops, factories, and institutes.

In the absence of proper floorings, industrial floors might get cracked and damage. Hence, heavy-duty coated floorings are applied to improve the strength of the floors. The epoxy coatings protect the concrete floors from directly extreme pressure. Maintaining concrete and ceramic floorings under heavy industrial loads can be very expensive. The epoxy coating makes the surface highly resistant against abrasion and heavy loads.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings over the floors deliver gloss, strength, and durability to the surface. These epoxy coatings have excellent features and benefits for the industries.

1. Simple to clean surface
2. Suitable for industries like packaging, pharma, hospital, and food
3. High durability
4. The attractive glossy floor surface
5. Resistant to chemicals
6. Available in different colours to mark different zones in the industrial area
7. Low cost and low-maintenance solution

Due to a high gloss, the floors deliver brightness in the area in a signification way. The floors are also fire resistant and withstand the impacts of heat. Apart from a full-fledged industrial environment, epoxy floors are also applied in the workshop areas of institutes.

Universal is a recognized supplier of floorings for residential and industrial surfaces. Our Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Delhi can be supplied as per clients‛ specifications. With our experience and knowledge, we supply the right quality and variety as per the industry and area. We have been supplying to a variety of industrial and commercial sectors. Over the years, we have earned wide recognition and appreciation for supplying high-quality floorings.

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