EVA Flooring Services in Delhi

Universal Flooring is a leading flooring specialist supplying an extensive range of floor tiles. Our EVA floorings are designed to give great cushioning effect in gyms, play areas, and exhibitions. The multi-purpose interlocking EVA flooring tiles are suitable for sports and kids‛ activities. We are a reputed EVA Flooring Services in Delhi supplying products at best competitive pricing. The products are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and shades.

Certain areas like kids play areas, work out areas, and exhibitions need to be extra resistant. The textured interlocking tiles are perfect for balancing and sporting. Our product range gives greater freedom to choose a variety of colours, colour mixes, and surface textures. We supply the right size to cover small as well as large areas. The interlocking tiles require minimum time for installation. The floorings are meeting all safety and quality standards. The textures and shades are meeting the current architectural trends.

Interlocking EVA Flooring Tiles

Universal offers the best quality interlocking EVA flooring tiles. These tiles are suitable for various sports activities like exercise, aerobics, yoga, and indoor games. We supply the customized size of EVA floorings as per the area requirement.

Universal also offers special gym rubber floorings for commercial gyms. Apart from EVA and gym floorings, we offer an extensive range of high-quality floors for residences and commercial units. We are a leading flooring specialist for educational, retail, hospitality, and healthcare sector.

EVA floors have an excellent shock-absorbent property to protect people from major injuries during the activities. These EVA mats are also useful for commercial gyms, nurseries, and kids play areas. The edges of the mats are firmly interlocked and provides strong grip during movements. The floorings are closely knitted and do not get dislocate or move during use. The floorings are available in a variety of vibrant colours. Installation of these floorings requires minimum time and labour.

Key Features of our EVA Flooring

Our EVA floorings have all the features that make it simple to use and maintain. Universal Floorings offers top quality EVA tiles with long shelf life and excellent performance. Here are the key features of our EVA flooring tiles-

• Easily transportable
• Light-weighted
• Simple installation process
• High durability
• Wide colour variations
• Customized thickness and size
• Great cushioning effect
• Withstands moisture without getting damaged

The interlocking mats are also suitable for homes to ensure protection to the kids. The cushioning impact makes it suitable for yoga and exercise. The soft texture prevents weariness and does not hurt during yoga and workout.

Universal is the right place to get affordable and premium quality floorings. We supply PVC vinyl flooring, gym rubber flooring, and EVA floor mats. With lots of colour and thickness options, we are a prominent EVA Flooring Services in Delhi. We offer the best solutions to beautify your floors without huge expenses of complete refurbishments. The floorings have high aesthetic as well as a utility value for homes, shops, and institutes. As per our clients‛ needs, we offer the right size, thickness, and shade. We are a reliable supplier of floorings for residential apartments and commercial places in Delhi.

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