Gym Rubber Flooring Wholesalers in Delhi

Universal Floorings is a prominent supplier of gym rubber floorings made from premium quality rubber. The durable and anti-slip rubber material is the first choice for installation of protective flooring in the professional gyms. The gym floorings are available in rollout floorings or interlocking tiles. The flooring is rolled over the area to ensure complete safety to the users during workouts. The rubber floorings we supply are also suitable for rather small home gyms and fitness clubs.

Joining a gym is a very common phenomenon in urban regions of India. Delhi has numerous gyms and fitness centres operating on a professional level. The gyms today provide simple as well complex exercise machines like treadmills and stationary bikes. Some strength equipment like dumbbells is also available in the gym. These equipment and exercise machine exposes the floors of the gyms to heavy wear and tear. Hence, it is important to install specialised rubber floorings in gymnasiums.

Why Rubber Flooring for Gymnasiums

Universal is one of the most reputed Gym Rubber Flooring Wholesalers in Delhi. We have been supplying rubber floorings to numerous gymnasiums, play areas, and fitness clubs in Delhi. Using rubber floors in gyms has abundant benefits for the owners and the users. These floorings enhance the safety of the users and also protect the original floors of the premises.

1. Prevents accidents
2. In the case of fall, rubber flooring moderates the fall
3. Reduces the chances of slipping
4. Prevents the exercise machines from sliding off
5. Protects the real floors from the damage caused by the equipment
6. rubber floorings absorb the frictions without getting damaged
7. Simple and quick installation process
8. Cost-effectiveness of the rubber flooring is a major benefit

Rubber floorings are long-lasting and do not require frequent replacements. Once installed, gym owners can continue using them for many years with the least maintenance.

Best Gym and Workout Floorings

Universal Flooring offers rubber floorings for gym and workout areas in multiple size and thicknesses. The rubber floorings we supply possess extraordinary toughness and precisely meant for areas that are exposed to harsh use. The rubber floorings are suitable for areas where heavy machines and weights are used. Apart from complete protection for the surface of the floors beneath, the rubber gym floorings also ensure safety for the users.

During exercise, people are likely to slip and fall. Some exercise machines are likely to slide while they are in use. Rubber floorings provide better grip to the users as well as the equipment. The rubber flooring also has acoustical properties and hence absorbs the vibrations and sound produced by the exercise machinery and dropping of the weights.

If you are looking to install rubber flooring in your gym or sports club, call Universal Flooring for a quick solution. We make sure you get timely delivery and installation of the flooring with high accuracy. The floorings once installed on the surface of the floor will be seamlessly fitted throughout. All we deliver is a sophisticated and neat rubber flooring installed in the most orderly manner. We are proud to be known as one of the best Gym Rubber Flooring Wholesalers in Delhi.

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