Industrial Epoxy Floor Paint Suppliers Delhi

Epoxy coating is a successful way to add sophistication and looks to the concrete floorings. Epoxy floor paints are used to apply coatings on the floor surfaces. Industrial and commercial units use epoxy floor coatings to create smooth and bright floors. Universal Floorings is a leading Industrial Epoxy Floor Paint Suppliers Delhi. Apart from looks, epoxy coatings offer tremendous durability and strength over the concrete floors.

We supply high-quality epoxy floor paints to create attractive floors. The coatings we supply help in giving flawless finishing to the floors. The paint coatings protect the floorings from the heavy wear and tear. We supply epoxy floor paints in the countless colour palette to harmonize with the interiors. Being a leading dealer of industrial floorings, we are able to supply right quality and shade as per clients‛ requirement.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Delhi

Universal Flooring is an established provider of top quality epoxy floor coatings in Delhi. We are catering to diverse industries fulfilling their needs of aesthetic flooring solutions. The coatings are eco-friendly and deliver great performance for a long time.

Our epoxy floor paints are suitable for various types of concrete floors and wood. A fine well-finished layer is formed to create a pleasant floor surface. The epoxy coating we supply caries the highest adhesive property for prolonged life of the floor coating. Some of the key features of our epoxy floor coatings make us one of the Best Industrial Epoxy Floor Paint Suppliers Delhi.

• High endurance to the heavy-duty work environment
• Highly chemical resistant
• Withstands heavy loads
• Abrasion-resistant
• Slip-resistant
• Simple to clean with a single wipe
• Stain-resistance

Industrial and commercial areas are often exposed to heavy traffic. Many areas like loading bays are exposed to heavy vehicles and equipment like forklifts. The protective layer of epoxy is also a decorative element for industrial floors. The glossy coatings improve brightness in the industrial work areas to a great extent.

Why Choose Universal Floorings for Epoxy Paints

Universal Flooring supplies an extensive range of floorings and epoxy floor paints. We have been providing high-quality floorings at competitive pricing. We are a driving force behind convenience and sophistication across industrial floorings. Universal is continuously delivering consistent quality as per the customized needs of the industries. Our experience and focus to deliver top quality are our greatest strength.

Be it any type of residential or industrial flooring. Universal Flooring is committed to delivering the best quality epoxy floorings and epoxy floor paints. We are among the most trusted epoxy paints suppliers for industrial and commercial areas. Our organization stands taller among the most renowned epoxy coating suppliers. We offer a broad range of epoxy floor paints in diverse colours to create an elegant ambience. Apart from adding beauty, our epoxy paint quality adds great protection against corrosion, decay, and damages due to heavy loads. Our epoxy paints are non-toxic paints perfect for exteriors and interiors of the shops and factories. Universal Floorings in Delhi is the right place to buy epoxy floor paints at economical prices and premium quality.

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