PVC flooring Wholesalers Delhi

Universal Floorings is a leader in supply and installation of PVC flooring Wholesalers Delhi. We supply PVC flooring for commercial and residential floors. With every supply, we guarantee high quality and longer durability. Our extensive portfolio of floorings allows buyers to choose products perfectly harmonizing with their interiors. Our modern floorings are best to upgrade and beautify floorings without the huge expense of overhaul.

Installing PVC vinyl flooring is a cost-effective way of getting a lustrous laminated look and smooth feel under your feet. We supply PVC floorings in a variety of colours, patterns, and thicknesses. The products are easier to clean and maintain. PVC floorings are suitable for residential and commercial use due to its sophisticated look. The PVC floors give a laminated look with colours of natural wooden floors. Adding a PVC floor is all about modernising your floors with elegant appearance.

Benefits of Installing PVC Vinyl Floors

Being in the flooring industry for many years, we know how the product benefits to the users. The PVC vinyl is affordable floorings requiring least maintenance. The floorings are also durable compared to other alternatives.

The PVC floors and planks are much easier to clean when compared to wooden floors and ceramic floors. Users can simply clean the floors with a wet mop without any fear of damaging the floors. The PVC flooring can also be vacuum cleaned without any harm to the floorings. The PVC floorings are neatly locked to the floors and hence do not allow mites and microbes to grow.

PV Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Delhi

Universal Floorings is a leading dealer and supplier of vinyl floorings. The products are extensively applied in offices, schools, factories, as well as homes. The floorings are popular due to its scratch proof and waterproof quality. Its long-lasting smoothness and elegance make it a reasonable option to upgrade the interiors. With our experience and expertise, we supply the right thickness and type of vinyl flooring to suit various applications.

With us, customers explore countless shades and textures to add uniqueness to their floors. We have exciting colour varieties to create luxurious looks for residential and office premises. Whether you are looking for a natural wood colour or vibrant colours; we have numerous options. We also depute our team to install the floorings at your convenient time.

PVC Vinyl Flooring Installation Services

We are a major supplier of PVC flooring Wholesalers Delhi and also provide the best support for installation. Our timely and quick installation is a hassle-free process. Our workers leave your premises after completion without leaving any mess. The floorings are applied flawlessly to give a seamless and sleek look to the floors.

PVC vinyl is among the most popular products supplied by Universal Floorings. Our services in the domain of floorings are highly appreciated by our clients. Our professional customer-oriented approach and high-quality products make us a leader in our niche. Call us to know more about floorings to modernise your home and office floors. We are also supplying luxurious wooden laminated floorings, gym floorings, and sports floorings. Our durable and strong floorings enable us to achieve optimum customer satisfaction.

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