PVC Strip Suppliers in Delhi

PVC strip doors or PVC strip curtains are used as the separation between the rooms. They are also used at the entrances of the shops. These are widely popular in offices, showrooms, studios and shops. The strips serve as protection from dust, heat, and winds without restricting access for the customers. Universal Floorings stands taller among the PVC Strip Suppliers in Delhi with unmatched quality and competitive prices.

PVC strips are a cost-effective way of creating separation without full barriers. Apart from the entrances of the shops and showrooms, the strips are also used in offices. The strips create barriers between the cabins or rooms and also help in maintaining transparency. PVC curtains also give a modern look to the interiors. Generally, commercial places prefer strips to avoid complete privacy to the rooms or shops. The shops and rooms remain easily accessible to customers with these PVC curtains.

PVC Strip Curtains Suppliers

PVC strip curtains are an extremely affordable way to protect from total exposure without restricting access for the consumers. PVC curtains protect goods, interiors, and staff from direct heat, noise, dust, and insects. Certain commercial units like booking offices, shops, showrooms, studios need to provide uninterrupted access to attract the customers. Transparent PVC strips are best for such places. While the strips provide access to the customers, they also give protection against dust, heat, noise, and winds.

Universal Floorings deals with the supply of high-quality floorings, planks, and strips made of PVC. The PVC material is very light-weighted and easy to clean. We supply neatly cut and finished plastic curtains in Delhi and surrounding regions. We supply PVC doors as per requirements of the customers.

Types of PVC Strip Doors

Different strip doors offer different levels of privacy, appearance, and protection. Here are some of the most common types of PVC strip doors we supply-

• Clear strip curtains
• Polar PVC curtains
• Single strip doors
• Looped strip doors
• Opaque PVC strips
• Transparent PVC strips
• Anti-insect strips
• Strips for food storages and hospitals
• Industrial PVC curtains

Best PVC Doors and Curtains in Delhi

PVC strips are also known as PVC doors. The products are also used by food storage areas, cold storages, cold rooms, and pedestrian doorways. These plastic curtains provide access as well but stops insects, contaminants, and dust from entering into the room.

Benefits of our PVC curtains-

• Reduces heat or cold in the rooms
• Restricts entry to insects, air pollutants, and debris
• Ensures transparency and safety
• Reduces noise coming from outside
• Provides ease of working to the employees
• Durable and requires least maintenance
• Simple and quick to install

We understand your requirement and supply the right kind of PVC strip curtains. We have many years of experience in supplying PVC floorings and PVC strip doors. We are also a prominent PVC Strip Suppliers in Delhi supplying in PVC strips in large volume. The strip doors are extremely simple to install and the most reasonable way to protect the rooms without restricting full access for staff or customers. Also, call us to get high-quality PVC floorings and PVC planks in Delhi.

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