Rubber Gym Flooring Dealers in Delhi

Universal Flooring offers a high range of floorings to add elegant appearance and strength to the floors. Our rubber gym floorings are known for exceptional resistance to moisture, chemicals, and shocks. The gym floorings are manufactured using top quality rubber. Our advanced manufacturing technology produces thick and durable gym floorings resistant to slip-offs.

Universal Flooring is one of the best rubber gym flooring dealers in Delhi. We are supplying products commercial gyms, fitness clubs, and sports clubs. The gym floorings are designed to give optimum safety to the users during exercising and workouts. The products are available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, colours, and designs.

Why Gym Floorings for Commercial Gyms

Fitness is one of the fastest growing industries in India. People in India are becoming conscious about their fitness. With rising gyms, there is a high demand for gym rubber floorings. Our gym floorings are suitable for commercial gyms as well as home use. The gym is exposed to the sheer pressure of various small and large gym equipment.

During exercise, the gym equipment causes friction and pressure which impacts the flooring. The gym rubber flooring protects the floor from these impacts. The rubber floors also give protection to the users in the case of accidents. The traction offered by the rubber floors ensures the safety of the users during workouts. These floors offer stability to the exercise machines and prevent them from rolling.

Our premium quality rubber floorings also tackle the drops of gym plates and dumbbells. The rubber floorings are highly durable and require the least maintenance. The floors are also comfortable during walking, jumping, and exercising. Compared to the cloth carpets, it is easier to clean and maintain rubber floorings. All these qualities of Universal rubber flooring make them perfect for gyms and fitness centres.

Benefits of Gymnasium Floorings

We offer top quality rubber gymnasium flooring for commercial gyms, physiotherapy centres, and sports clubs. Being a professional gym, it is important to look after the safety of the users. At the same time, it is essential to protect the tile floorings from the daily pressure of bulky gym machines and their frictions.

Here are some of the key benefits of our rubber gym floorings-

• Provides maximum comfort and safety during workouts
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Resistant to water spills
• Protects tile floorings from impacts of the heavy weight of exercise machinery
• Resistant to slips and rolling of the gym equipment
• Can be removed or replaced easily

Our gym rubber floorings are super safe for people who are exercising in the gyms. The soft rubber also prevents pain in the feet and back during exercise. The rubber also absorbs friction and sound vibrations.

Universal Flooring is a leading rubber gym flooring dealers in Delhi also providing a variety of other floorings. We offer artificial grass floorings, floorings for sports clubs, and laminated wooden floorings. The floorings are designed for various purposes like aesthetic, safety, and durability. The attractive colours and textures of our floorings add elegance to the interiors. We are a team of committed designers passionate about supplying beautiful floorings for commercial and residential places.

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