Wooden Flooring Distributors in Delhi

The urban and commercial set-up of Delhi requires modern and low-maintenance floorings. Universal Flooring is among the most famous Wooden Flooring Distributors in Delhi supplying a variety of floorings. We are serving commercial, residential, and industrial premises with high-quality wooden floorings. The laminated flooring gives stylish looks to the floors and a great way to beautify the interiors.

Universal Floorings supplies wooden laminated floors, artificial grass carpets, and PVC floorings in bulk volume too. We provide floorings in various sizes and thicknesses for installation in multiple rooms or a single room. We are also supplying in bulk to various commercial entities. Laminated wooden floorings are popular due to the ease of installation and maintenance. The material is highly resistant to moisture due to multiple layers bonded for best performance.

Wooden Flooring Distributors and Distributors

Universal is a trusted supplier in Delhi for all types of floorings. We have an exquisite range of wooden flooring in a variety of shades. Customers can pick the flooring to match with the colours of the walls and other interiors. The floorings are designed to give a comfortable surface and beautiful appearance to the place. If the tiles in your rooms are worn out and old-fashioned, fitting wooden floors is a great way of modernising the interior.

Since the floorings are available in a plethora of shades in brown, blue, beige, and black; it is simple to pick the right one. The accurate fitting gives the floorings a seamless look in tune with the walls and other decors. We are manufacturing floorings on large scale and hence are able to fulfil volume requirements.

Why Choose Wooden Floorings for your Homes

Wood is a timeless material to use for furniture and construction of another décor. However, wooden decors are often expensive. Modern wooden flooring gives an appearance of natural wood to your home interiors. They look classy and modern when overlaid seamlessly to the floor surfaces. These floorings are cost-effective and hence best to modernise your interiors.

Reasons to Choose Wooden Floorings

• Available in natural wood colours and shades
• Solid flooring with multiple layers
• Good resistance against moisture and spills
• Stays strong against the impact of scratches and shocks
• Friendly for human health
• Suitable for residential use
• Simple to install and replace

When it comes to home floorings, Universal is a market leader and competitive Wooden Flooring Distributors in Delhi. We are supplying floorings on a small basis as well in wholesale or bulk volume. Apart from the quality of our products, we are also appreciated for excellent customer support and wide varieties.

Making your interiors modern is no more an expensive affair. If the floor surface in your commercial area is out-dated, we have great solutions for you.

The wooden laminated flooring adds lustrous looks for a long time without incurring the cost of maintenance. Rely on Universal Floorings to add great value and beauty to your homes and workplaces. Our experience enables us to give the right recommendations. We are equally skilful in the installation of the floorings. Our team of installers will reach your premises at the scheduled time for quick installation of the floorings.

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